The Jackson Pollock Drunken Mess That I Called Year 2012: Uncensored!

Looking back at 2012 which was spent like a hyped up Pacman 2-bit game munching and munching until i get to the next level. I tried to satiate my insane hunger and wanderlust for places packed with beauty, mystery and tuna. Most days were spent having quiet evenings at home to Compare prices and find cheap hotels because that year i was on a mission. the start of my Level 45 Mage to Wizard Quest.

biri island samar sunset

Like a delicious 5 star hotel breakfast buffet, i gobbled up the year and filled it with memories of plane rides, grueling hikes, weird cuisine, amorous trysts, heartbreaks and romance, mosquito bites, cuts, bruises and a lot of mornings in a stupor all because i wanted to savor all the things that my country can offer and be proud to say that hey i’m Pinay, i’m an insane backpacker and i’ve seen my country, the Philippines *cues* Lupang Hinirang.

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